Treviso, Medieval Town


Off from the beaten tourist tracks, Treviso enchants the traveler for the peaceful and harmonious coexistence between nature and human construction, for its romantic corners, lovely squares and its many waterways enclosed within its historical walls.

Its hallmark is the curious and famous fountain, Fontana delle Tette (Breast Fountain), built in 1559 by order of the mayor of the Republic of Venice, Alvise Da Ponte, following a severe drought that struck the Venetian town and the surrounding countryside. The statue, which depicted, an imposing matron with the typical features of the '500 which overlooks on a basin, it was originally located inside the Praetorian Palace, in via Calmaggiore. Until 1797, year of the fall of the Republic of Venice, on the occasion of the election of a new mayor, for three days red wine flowed out from one breast of the statue and white wine from the other, thus that all citizens could drink for free the nectar of gods. Today there are only some remains, kept in a glass case underneath the porch of the 14th century Palazzo dei Trecento. The modern copy, created by the Peruvian sculptor Miranda, is located inside the courtyard of Palace Zignoli.


1. STOP IN PIAZZA DEI SIGNORI, since always the citizen fashion heart. The square is lined with elegant porticos, restaurants, bars, shops, boutiques and three of the most important buildings of the city: Palazzo del Podestà, Torre Civica and Palazzo dei Trecento.

2. VISIT PALAZZO DEI TRECENTO, which takes its name from the 300 members of the City Council, which hosts their meetings. 13th-century frescoes decorate its interiors that are possible to visit on the occasion of exhibitions and cultural events.

3. LOSE YOURSELVES AMONGST THE PORCHES, SHOP WINDOWS AND HISTORIC RESIDENCES OF CALMAGGIORE, the main street of the old town, which leads from Piazza dei Signori to Piazza Duomo. Along Calmaggiore you can admire the remains of the ancient Roman road and, in the courtyard of Palazzo Zignoli, the reconstruction of Fontana delle Tette.

4. TASTE TRADITIONS AND EVERYDAY LIFE OF TREVISO AT ISOLA DELLA PESCHERIA, which takes its name from the fish market that takes place here every morning. The islet is located in the historic center, on River Cagnan Grando, and it is linked to the center by two bridges that are crossed on foot or by bicycle.

5. WALK ALONG THE WALLS OF THE CITY, whose history is tied hand in glove with that of its waterways, which surround the walls. On foot or by bike you will be surprised by villas overlooking the river with the old suspended washtubs, gardens, manicured parks and absolute calmness.

6. VISIT THE COMPLEX OF SANTA CATERINA, the main hub of the network of the Civic Museums of Treviso, which also includes the Luigi Bailo Museum and the complex Ca’ Da Noal – Casa Robegan – Casa Karwath.

7. STOP FOR A SNACK OR A DRINK AT HOSTERIA DAI NANETI (vicolo Broli, 2), just a few steps from dei Signori. The inn is famous for its freshly made sandwiches: from Parma ham with stracchino cheese to mortadella, until the selection of cheeses, all accompanied by a glass of red wine.

8. TASTE THE DISHES OF TREVISO’S TRADITION AT HOSTERIA ANTICA CONTRADA DELLE DUE TORRI (via Palestro, 8), amid wooden furniture, brick columns and stone walls of the 15th century. Excellent fresh pasta, wines and homemade desserts.

9. DRINK ONE OF THE BEST SPRITZ OF THE CITY AT CANTINETTA VENEGAZZÙ (piazza Ancilotto, 2), very frequented bar that offers, in addition to the classic spritz, a huge selection of white and red wines accompanied by tasty appetizers.

10. SOJOURN IN THE VENETIAN COUNTRYSIDE AT AGRITURISMO CA’ AMEDEO (via Sabbionare, 28 - Castelfranco Veneto), surrounded by a 25,000 sq m park with a petting zoo, a pond and a natural swimming pool. The structure offers accommodation in 20 apartments and is specialized in the cultivation of radicchio from Treviso.