Sanremo, The city of flowers


The city of flowers, of the Casino and above all of the famous Italian Song Festival, Sanremo is one of the most famous resorts of the Western Ligurian Riviera.

The nickname city of flowers is owed to the famous cultivation of carnations, which raised the city's name in floral scope, thanks to some enterprising producers, whom were able to also specialize in roses and decorative greenery. Very famous is via Matteotti, also called “the stroll”, the main street and the most chic of the city, which houses the Theatre Ariston and where the international shopping is focused. Just a few steps away, in “Corso degli Inglesi”, are situated instead the Municipal Casino and the Russian Church, of the late nineteenth century. The Sanremo tourist life unfolds around the Pigna (pine cone), the oldest part, still alive and pulsating, a labyrinth of alleyways, squares, passages covered with flowers, ancient arches and stairways. A special mention  also goes to the villas and gardens which the city preserves: Villa Ormond, with its park rich of exotic plants, Villa Nobel, where the scientist Alfred Nobel lived and now houses the museum of his discoveries and inventions, and Villa Zirio, headquarter of the Symphony Orchestra.

Nowadays, the food which’s eaten in the restaurants of Sanremo is heavily based on the richness of the caught fish of the day.

The fishermen daily supply restaurants with the valuable Sanremo shrimp and the most appreciated Ligurian sea fish, including sea bass, sea bream, hake, sword fish and tuna.

Among the places where you can taste seafood, we recommend the Antica Trattoria La Pignese, one of the oldest in town, Osteria del Marinaio, a small chest in the center position, or Ristorante La vita è bella, a modern and stylish local with two large rooms and a cozy outdoor area located in front of the Casino. In the lovely square Cassini, at the foot of Pigna, opens a small restaurant, Taverna al 29, which has made, the rediscovery of ancient and authentic recipes, their specialty.

Not to be missed if you want to taste the typical dishes of the Ligurian tradition and make a cultural journey, before making a flavor one. Also at  Ristorante Equipe Gabry it is worth to stop, very demotic (also with prices), family atmosphere and generous portions. For a fast, quick and Ligurian lunch, reach via Roma, where there’s Maggiorino. The tables are always few, but to eat sardenaire (typical Sanremo’s pizza), farinata, focaccia and brandacujun (stockfish focaccia), even a dimple at the counter is enough. For an indigenous breakfast with sea view, head instead towards Bar Sandy, right in front of Sanremo’s touristic Marina, where you'll find fishermen with rough hands and with their face burned by the sun drinking a coffee and boys playing foosball next to old men whom browse newspapers while watching the sea. And if you are curious to taste the “baci di Sanremo” (chocolate treats similar to “baci di dama”) pass by the historic and and hand-making Pasticceria Primavera, located in via Palazzo.

With over fifty hotels, Sanremo is the most popular tourist destination in the province of Imperia. Try booking at Malibù, economic, small hotel located one kilometer from the train station and only 50 meters away from the crowds out, housed on the second floor of a Liberty style building or else at Palais La Nasse, for a dip into an atmosphere of refined elegance and design, always in the heart of the city, just a stone's throw from the sea.