Pordenone, Montasio fragrance


A city and its river, an indissoluble connection that made Pordenone what today appears to be to the eyes of tourists: a reality still very linked to its past testified by the palaces, the frescoes, from its beautiful old town monuments, but also ready to accept the challenges of the present and the future. Pordenone is one of the provinces where the regional culinary pride is produced, the only protected designation of origin cheese of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Montasio DOP, a genuine semi-hard cooked cheese, exclusively  obtained from cow's milk. 

The name derives from the massif of Montasio, whose pastures were originally produced with unique features, thanks to the successful combination of three key factors: hay, milk and the air of the mountains. Right in Pordenone, in 1923, the first school for Dairy Technicians was founded, precisely in San Vito del Tagliamento, a small town of medieval origins, still surrounded by the ancient moat, the city walls and the three defensive towers. The foundation of the school altered the world of Montasio: in fact, thanks to it, the various local traditions were studied and coded, to get to today's disciplinary, founding document of the DOP.


1. PROVIDE FOR THE BEAUTY OF TINTORETTO’S PAINTINGS INSIDE ST. MARK’S CATHEDRAL, an imposing church built at the end of the 14th century according to the Romanesque and Gothic style.

2. SKIRT STORES, PALACES AND CHURCHES OF CORSO VITTORIO EMANUELE, one of the most important arteries of the city, full of architectural marvels to behold with an upturned nose. Equally rich in majestic buildings and elegant arcades is Corso Garibaldi.

3. VISIT RICCHIERI PALACE, born in the 13th century born as tower-house in defense of the city center, but converted into a residence of the Ricchieri family. Today it houses the Municipal Art Gallery and the Museum of Art.

4. SEE AN EXHIBITION AT THE GALLERY HARRY BERTOIA, situated in the heart of  Pordenone. Dedicated to the artist known for designing in design, he blends the beauty of the historical sites in which it is located with the modernity of its facilities.

5. BOOK A GUIDED TOUR AT ROSETO PARCO GALVANI DEL MIRA – MUSEO ITINERARIO DELLA ROSA ANTICA, a historical and educational museum about the ancient rose contemplating with 185 varieties of roses.

6. WALK THROUGH THE LANES OF SACILE, characteristic village of Venetian atmospheres, a perfect union between land and water, amongst medieval traces, Renaissance development and wise reconstructions.

7. HAVE A DRINK AT ENOTECHE FERRONATO 1929 (via Colonna, 29), where you'll find a wide selection of the best labels on the market accompanied by tasty appetizers.

8. RESERVE A TABLE AT OSTERIA LA FERRATA (via Gorizia, 7) where, in a warm and friendly atmosphere, amid walls decorated with pictures of locomotives, copper pots and lids, you can sample traditional local cuisine, including the crispy frico with potatoes and speck.

9. TRY THE CREATIONS BASED ON CHOCOLATE OF PASTICCERIA PERATONER, which has two locations in the city. Giuseppe Faggiotto’s chocolate is the synthesis of a careful selection of raw materials, of craftsmanship and a boundless imagination. Try the Sacher  cake and the three chocolate mousses.

10. STAY SURROUNDED BY NATURE AT AGRITURISMO LA CHIOCCIOLA (viale Trento 94/A – Sacile di Pordenone), a cottage obtained from the restoration of an old family barn that offers accommodation in comfortable rooms in modern style in the core of Sacile.