Gressoney-Saint-Jean, Scent of toma


Gressoney is an elegant tourist area at 1385 meters above sea level and surrounded by a spectacular setting of great beauty, thanks to the views offered by the Lyskamm glacier and the imposing Mount Rosa, which is reflected in emerald waters of the scenic Lake Gover , located just outside the town. The town is home to a popular table cheese Slow Food, the Gressoney Toma, which is working in the mountain pastures of the Lys Valley with traditional methods. 

It is a semi-hard cheese, for whose preparation it is used semi-skimmed cow's milk. Each year, they produce not more than 1000-1500 forms, which are left to mature on wooden planks in cellars or caves for a period from two to four months. In the Alpine region, cheeses, as well as meats, reign supreme, first of all the famous Fontina DOP, so do not forget to experience it, choosing for this full immersion gastronomic the most typical and traditional locals.


1. BREATHING THE ATMOSPHERE OF MEDIEVAL CASTLE SAVOIA, located at the foot of Ranzola hill, in the locality called "Belvedere". It was built between 1899 and 1904 at the behest of Queen Margherita of Savoy.

2. CHURCH OF SAN GIOVANNI BATTISTA, built in 1515. Inside there is the parish museum which preserves a beautiful crucifix of the thirteenth century, among the oldest in Valle d'Aosta.

3. BOTANICAL GARDEN ALPINE CASTEL DI SAVOIA, consists of a series of rocky beds with alpine plants environment, local and from other parts of the world, chosen for their particular ornamental value.

4. VISIT THE ALPENFAUNA MUSEUM "BECK PECCOZ", regional Museum of Alpine Fauna located in an elegant building, built in 1903 by Baron Antonio De Peccoz. It houses an interesting historical collection of hunting trophies from all over the world.

5. SPEND AN AFTERNOON TO VALDOBBIA, LOO, UNDERWALD AND BORGOFIER FALLS, spectacular for the waters enclosed by the high cliffs that swooping form big jumps, the noise or the coolness, and the surrounding striking landscape.

6. TAKE SOME TIME TO MAKE HIKING IN GRESSONEY-LA-TRINITÈ, a small village at 1,627 meters above sea level, the alpine resort of international renown which is part of the Monterosa ski area.

7. ADMIRE THE CHAIN ​​OF MONTE ROSA FROM LAKE GOVER, an artificial lake surrounded by pine and fir trees. During the winter season, it is transformed into a skating rink on natural ice.

8. LUNCH WITH A TYPICALLY MONTANARO MENU at The Flying Brasserie – Paul Verlaine (via Deffeyes 14), brasserie / creperie located in the center of the country. Absolutely do not miss the polenta and cooked pork shank in beer.

9. ENJOY THE LOCAL SPECIALTIES IN A RUSTIC AND HOT CASA WALSER, at the Ristorante Gran Baita (Strada Castello Savoia, 26), which offers creative cuisine with a vegetarian choice. Good the crudités of vegetables on eggplant caviar, tagliatelle with game sauce and fassona tartar with smoked egg sauce.

10. HAVE BREAKFAST WITH SWEET ARTISAN PASTRY AT THE CAFETERIA LYSKAMM (Via Monte Rosa), where among many delicacies we recommend the cakes with berries and a glass of custard, berries and whipped cream, simply a must!