Courmayeur, Authentic Alpine Atmosphere


The town of Courmayeur lies at the foot of the massif of Mont-Blanc, in a green valley surrounded by fir and larch, mountains, glaciers and beautiful traditional villages along the River Dora, which crosses the entire Aosta Valley. In town, everywhere exudes a strong sense of hospitality and the attention to details, that has always distinguished it, characterizes its numerous accommodations, from luxury hotels to mountain chalets, up to historic downtown cafes and shelters on the slopes.

The Aosta Valley’s town was one of the first resorts in the Alps to have a tourism development, based, even before the advent of alpinism, on its many thermal springs, attended since the 18th century. From being a small village of farmers, Courmayeur, has become a popular and much-attended Alpine skiing resort and one of the finest holiday resorts in Italy. Always here, seems to be born the history of lifts. In 1908, indeed,  the families Donzelli, Gilberti and Lora Totino had the first ropeway built, a pioneering idea that gave birth to Società Monte Bianco, which built the cableway that goes from La Palud to Punta Helbronner. Soon the mountain, by being a destination for just few mountaineers, became accessible to everyone.


1. SHOPPING IN THE WORLDLY AND COMMERCIAL COURMAYEUR which has its center in the historic street via Roma, where you can find the most prestigious signatures and the most fashionable places.

2. SPENDING A DAY AMONGST THE WONDERS OF VAL VENY, which opens in the heart of Mont-Blanc’s massif. Also here, mountain lovers will find countless opportunities for recreation: from the strolls to reach the lakes to the shelters for the most demanding mountaineering routes.

3. FLYING IN THE BREATHTAKING SCENERY OF THE MONT-BLANC PEAKS thanks to the new and futuristic cableway with 360° rotating cabin, called Skyway.

4. VISITING THE SANCTUARY OF NOTRE-DAME DE GUÉRISON, established in 1792 in a place that since the 17th century has been the scene of numerous miraculous healings, situated at the foot of the majestic glacier Brenva, on the way for Val Veny.

5. RELAX AT THE RENOWNED SPAS OF PRÉ-SAINT-DIDIER, housed in an elegant 19th century structure. The spa includes over 40 practices amongst whirlpool baths, relaxation pools with still thermal water, invigorating waterfalls, foot reflexology, saunas, Turkish baths, sludge area, chromotherapy and aromatherapy rooms, and much more.

6. ADMIRE THE SCENARIOS AND THE MANY SPECIES ALPINE GARDEN OF SAUSSUREA, the highest garden in Europe (2.180 m), with an area of 7000 sq.m.

7. TRY THE EXCEPTIONAL ARTISANAL YOGURTS OF LATTERIA FRATELLI PANIZZI (via Circonvallazione, 41), a company that’s distinguished itself, as well as for yoghurt, also for fresh and aged cheeses produced from cow's and goat's milk, such as fontina cheese, fresh tomini, ricotta, tomme du mont-blanc and tomme de chèvre.

8. HAVING BREAKFAST WITH THE SWEETNESSES OF CAFFÈ DELLA POSTA (via Roma), an environment where history blends with the contemporary glamor. Embellished by a fireplace of the 16th century, and stoves and ceilings of the 17th century, it offers a unique atmosphere, perfect for a cup of tea or a coffee to accompany the excellent homemade cakes.

9. ENJOY A CANDLELIGHT DINNER AT RISTORANTE BAITA ERMITAGE (Resort Ermitage Villair), located on a scenic summit which views on Mont-Blanc. The restaurant offers a solid and traditional Aosta Valley cuisine that enhances the authentic flavors and aromas of the surrounding mountains. Amongst specialties, polenta concia, rolls of ham and fontina and the Valdaostan crepes.

10. SOJOURN AT HOTEL SVIZZERO (Strada Statale, 26), a stone's throw from the historic center, where the elegant alpine environment faithfully recreates the typical old style of the region, creating a climate of absolute warmth and intimacy.