Bologna, magical alchemy


Provincial capital of the Emilia Romagna region, Bologna is located between the Apennine mountains and the heart of the Po Valley. A city of art, culture and trade with an efficient fair facility and a reputed manufacturing and motor tradition, Bologna is known for its almost 40 km of arcades, the longest in the world.

Also called “Dotta” (learned), because of its ancient University, or even “Grassa” (fat) for its gastronomy, the city boasts the title "Creative City of Music UNESCO" and features one of the most extended and well preserved medieval historic center of Europe, teeming with locals, taverns, theaters and workshops.

A first look at the city can only occur from the beautiful Piazza Maggiore where medieval palaces, witnesses of lively public life and intense economic activity, combine perfectly with modernity, preserving their old charm.

Among its symbols include the Neptune Fountain of Giambologna and the medieval towers, among all rise up the majestic Two Towers, Asinelli and its “twin” Garisenda. Along the ancient streets and endless arcades, then a completely unexpected marvel are the channels dating from the twelfth century and also visitable in underground passages.

But Bologna is also famous for its cuisine, one of the best in Italy; either tagliatelle bolognese, accompanied with a delicious ragù sauce, tortellini or even just the fragrant mortadella, Bologna really has something for any taste. To eat the best tortellini of the city we suggest to go to Osteria Bottega, that has become for many dishes the traditional benchmark. If, instead, you want to delight yourself with another great classic, pasta bolognese, we point out Osteria del Cappello, a place which brings smells, tastes and the atmosphere of the ancient Bolognese taverns to life in a contemporary Bologna, or Osteria dell’Orsa, rustic tavern that can withstand the test of time, located in the university area. You’re in Bologna and you don’t want to miss the opportunity to taste a good mortadella sandwich, right? For a quick snack while having a walk take note of the perfect address to the real authentic mortadella cooked in the “stove”: Salumificio Pasquini&Brusiani, which produces one of the absolute symbols of Bolognese gastronomy for more than fifty years.

After dinner many patrons route directly towards Il Gelatauro, located in Via San Vitale, just a few steps away fro the Two Towers, often hailed as Bologna’s best ice-cream parlor, particularly known its biological ice-cream, including a divine mixture prepared with Sicilian oranges. Speaking of ice-cream, Bologna boasts some of the best ice cream parlors in the Belpaese! Gelateria Gianni, a true institution, or Gelateria Stefino, which manufactures its ice cream using only certified organic ingredients, are clearly included among these.

If you are in the Emilian city for sightseeing or a business trip and you're looking for a comfortable location and strategic position, Hotel Amadeus, synonymous of hospitality, comfort and refinement, distant only 3 km from the aeroporto, is the choice for you!  Still in the historic center, we suggest Residenza Due Torri, housed in an ancient building and addressed to an informal and independent clientele which, in a simple context, may appreciate the comfort and elegance of a classic style of details