Frosinone, In the heart of Ciociaria


Surrounded by a choreographic circle of mountains and perched on top of a hill, Frosinone opens to tourists with its compact city center, still partly medieval. A little known place, that makes you want to discover more deeply, where nature is very beautiful, the relaxing pace of life and genuine cuisine. We are in the heart of Ciociaria, in the most southeastern part of Lazio, a little distant, perhaps, from the typical colors of the region. Ciociaria is a peculiar territory, in intervals little known by tourism channels, but that affects the deep connection of nature with art, and for the confusion that surprises those who visit a borderland, between Lazio and Campania.

We’ve also known it thanks to the most beloved characters of Italian literature and cinema, amongst them the famous film La Ciociara, directed by Vittorio de Sica, masterfully played by Sophia Loren. Frosinone is placed in the middle of this historic region, identifying itself as the most representative capital, a place divided into two - the upper town and lower town – and united by important certainties: the pride and courage of its citizens and the preservation of the folk tradition.


1. SEE THE SHRINE OF MADONNA DELLA NEVE, located in the small village of Madonna della Neve, 2 km away from the historic center. This small church has its origins in 1586 and it was built in honor of the Virgin Mary known for the Sweating Miracle.

2. VISIT THE CATHEDRAL OF SANTA MARIA ASSUNTA, Romanesque style, but rebuilt in later periods, which stands on the ancient Roman acropolis town, on the place where previously there was a temple dedicated to Mars.

3. RETRACE HISTORY AT THE ARCHAEOLOGICAL MUSEUM, located in the historic center, in the highest part of the city, amongst the narrow streets that frame the cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta. It exposes a large and articulated documentation of history and the dynamics of human settlement in the territory, from the earliest stages of prehistory until the Roman Imperial Age.

4. ENJOY A VIEW OF THE CITY FROM SQUARE VITTORIO VENETO, the town's lookout that offers fascinating glimpses of great beauty. The square is one of the most fascinating and elegant corners of Frosinone, a natural link with the whole town.

5. ENJOY A TASTE OF TRADITION AT OSTERIA PANZINI (piazza Madonna della Neve, 120), characterized by a rustic atmosphere, typical of Ciociaria’s taverns of yesteryear, but with a meticulous attention to detail. At the center of the lounge stands a huge brazier on which meat, the specialty of the house, is cooked. Absolutely recommended the roast beef with truffles, fettuccine with lamb sauce and ciociara tripe.

6. DINE WITH TRADITIONAL FISH DISHES AT OSTERIA DEL BACCALÀ (via per Fiuggi, 71), which offers an exclusive cuisine, aimed at the promotion of traditional dishes made with cod, integrated with the best products of the Northern part of Caserta, Campania and Southern Lazio.

7. WALK AMONGST THE STANDS OF THE ANTIQUES FLEA MARKET, which is held the 1st & 3rd Sunday of each month in Corso della Repubblica and Largo Turriziani.

8. ENJOY THE GOODNESS OF THE PRODUCTS OF PASTICCERIA DOLCEMASCOLO (via Madonna della Neve, 77), which delights the palate of its customers with a large variety of pastry products: savory pastries, small pastries, modern pastries and dry pastries.