Pecorino is a cheese produced exclusively with sheep’s milk. Its origin is Mediterranean, but Italy, for the great quantity produced, has granted seven Protected Designations of Origin: pecorino Romano, pecorino Toscano, pecorino Sardo, pecorino from Filiano, pecorino Crotonese, pecorino from Picinisco and pecorino Siciliano. Here’s our personal companies of excellence!
Fossa dell’Abbondanza – Lead by the Brancaleoni family, it produces an extraordinary pecorino di Fossa, a product which, according to legend, dates back to the Malatesta period, when the farmers of the territory used to hide it in storages dug in tuff to save the grain and cheese from raids. The cheese typically matures around 30 days before being placed in the "fossa", a pit dug into the ground and lined with straw. This company is the depositary of an ancient ripening tradition that is made with nut leaves, hay and hashes. (Piazza Allende, 13 - 47020 Roncofreddo (FC) - Tel. +390541/949200)

Fattoria Pianporcino It is the only farm that not only raises livestock but also incorporates processing and direct sale of the famous and unique "pecorino di Pienza" that is produced by the sheep that graze in the meadows of the Val d'Orcia. It is aged for at least 90 days in wooden oak barrels. The farm also produces red wine DOC Orcia and more than thirty types of sweet blue and spicy cheese of the highest quality, aged in hay, ditches and grape residue. (Loc. Pianporcino, 109 - 53026 Pienza (SI) - Tel. 0578/754012)

Caseificio Facchini – This factory produces an extraordinary pecorino produced with pasteurized sheep’s milk from local farms. The strengths of Caseificio Facchini are the use of an ancient technique and the seasoning process in pits or in linen and cotton sacks. (Località Pezze 1 - 06028 Sigillo (PG) - Tel. 075.9177090)

Azienda Agricola Astolfi  – It deals with the ovine breeding and the production of the famous Pecorino from Farindola, the only cheese in the world which is produced with pig rennet; it is then placed in little wicker baskets called “fiscelle”, which gives it the particular striation of the crust. (Via Coglie Paglierone 4 – Roccafinadamo 65017 - Tel. 0858236022)

Formaggi Lacesa  –It produces some of the best pecorino Romano in the world. It is a DOP cheese produced with sheep milk obtained from wild pasture farms in Sardegna, coagulated with the lamb rennet that gives it a typical spicy flavor. (Località Orosai - Birori (NU) - Tel. +39.0785.72051/52)