Pasta Factories


When you say pasta, you say Italy! Only here, in the Belpaese, can you find the most excellent producers of the product that best represents Italian cuisine. There are many pasta producers, but which are the best? Here’s a short list of the companies we like most. 

Pasta Mancini – Mancini pasta is a unique product: the label of each package shows the year’s harvest and the packaging date. Mancini pasta is dry at a low temperature and spaghetti is still hung up on steel rods. The organic whole-wheat pasta is also worth a mention because it is a easily digestible product, with nutritional qualities in term of vitamins, mineral salts and fibers. (Contrada San Rustico - 63815 Monte San Pietrangeli, Fermo - Tel E Fax: 0734969311)

Pastificio artigianale Leonessa – It is located in Cercola, near Naples and it produces a bronze wiredrawn pasta with short desiccation times. The advanced plants and the traditional processing that are passed down from generation to generation, are the main characteristics of this company. (via Don Minzoni, 231 - 80040 Cercola (NA) - Tel: +39 081 5551107)

Pastificio Lucio Garofalo – Located in Gragnano, the homeland of durum wheat pasta, a place where the air and water are pure, this factory has an ancient history that can be perceived by the pasta that it produces every day, a product characterized by high quality and exclusive flavor. (Via dei Pastai, 42 - 80054 Gragnano (NA) Italia - Tel: + 39 081 8011002)

Pastificio Felicetti – The most northern artisanal factory in Italy, it produces sixty tones of pasta every day, that is characterized by the special mono-grain shapes made with bronze wiredrawing and short desiccation. Felicetti only adds durum wheat, whole-wheat, organic, kamut or spelt brans to its products, which are hand- chosen by producers whose company’s mission is high quality production. (Via Don Felicetti, 9 - Predazzo TN - Tel: 0462 501225)

Verrigni – Abruzzo is traditionally devoted to the production of pasta, but the excellence of this product comes from the gold wiredrawing; Verrigni is the only factory in the world that uses the gold wire-drawing for some shapes. This technique lends to a new porosity, more crunchiness and a unique fragrance of the pasta. Verrigni pasta is appreciated by influential chefs in Italy and all over the world. (Via Salara, 9 - 64026 Roseto degli Abruzzi (TE) - Tel: +39 085 90 40 269)