Home Furnishing

Italy is one of the most active countries in the furniture manufacturing industry; the Italian style, quality of the materials and attention to detail makes Italy a country of excellence not only in Europe, but also in the entire world. What’s most impressive is the creativity with which companies project and complete these pieces. Below we will take a look at some of the most talented companies.
Italian Style by Busolo –  Passion, tradition and innovation characterize this Venetian company founded forty years ago as a small artisanal carpentry shop. Today, Italian Style designs and makes unique custom-made furniture and continues to follow in the artisanal tradition: living room pieces, bathroom fixtures and furniture collections for a home furnished with style and originality. (Via delle Arti e dei Mestieri, 268, 35040 Urbana PD Tel. 0429878817)

Falegnameria Menardi – Nothing less than the best from Falegnameria Menardi, who exclusively makes  hand-worked and unique pieces, according to traditional rules. The company has its branch in Cortina d’Ampezzo, a place where wood processing has existed for millenniums, where the craft has been handed down from father to son for generations. Today, this carpentry workshop is well-known throughout Europe, thanks to close, focused attention to customers’ requests. (Loc. Pian Da Lago, 40 - 32043 Cortina d’Ampezzo (BL) - Tel: +39.0436.866724)

Baleri Abitare – The company name (Beleri the family name and abitare meaning living) in itself implies its direct involvement in the home furnishings industry: more than just furnishing, Baleri wants to encompass the initial idea, design and creation of all the aspects of living space in an house or elsewhere. The company produces high quality furniture and custom-made decoration, suitable for modern life. (Via Alessandro Volta, 2/4, 24021 Albino BG Tel. 035 751212)

Cadore Group – Cadore is a Venetian company that is composed of real designers who plan and study the furniture and then commission it to expert carpenters. The finishing touch of every piece is assigned to the female staff in order to achieve excellence  and careful attention to  detail in every piece. This is the feather on the cap to  the company. (Via Castellana, 1, 31030 Altivole TV - Tel. 0423 940005)

Legno Arreda  – Legno Arreda (meaning wood furnishing) is the result of the work and the experience of three generations of carpenters, who have offered their clients solid wood and hand-made objects since the 1950s. What makes their products particular is the combination of stones, marbles, quartz and the most fine woods producing an amazing result. (Via Enrico Fermi, 14 – 24043 Caravaggio (BG) – Tel. 036352346)