Amaro Liqueur – Distilleries


Amaro (meaning bitter in English) is a Made in Italy liqueur made with herbs, an after-drink usually consumed as a digestive after a meal. It is a typical Italian drink with an ancient tradition. It seems that the first people who produced liqueurs were chemists and monks. Every company has its own recipe, so the taste from of amaro may vary from one type to another, even if its production is similar everywhere. Here’s our list of the best Italian products:
Palent – Bio-certified, Palent is a small company, the only Italian company that produces an alcoholic infusion of Achillea, an aromatic plant typical of the western Alpine range. The production is limited, but the quality is very high. Its liqueurs are in fact, a “must try”. (Via Centrale 6 - San Damiano Macra CN - Tel. +39 0171 900400)

Liquorificio Alpino di Trento – It was founded with the clear aim of carrying on the liqueur tradition of the region. Their best product is the Amaro Alpino, created in 1920 by Doctor Pontillo, with alpine herbs selected as a pharmaceutical remedy. Its flavor and its digestive quality make it a widely appreciated liqueur. (Via Giuseppe Grazioli, 104, 38122 Trento - Tel. 0461 234241)

Rossi d’Angera – It is the third most ancient Italian distillery. The company still uses traditional methods for the production of its liqueurs. Most noteworthy is the Amaro d’Angera, produced with herbs and roots picked from the mountains that surround lake Maggiore. (Via Puccini, 20, Angera VA - Tel. 0331 930248)

Ditta Colutta Antonio – Since 1846, the company has sold Amaro of Udine, a bitter drink dating back to 1400, created by a group of monks for therapeutic purposes. Because it is extremely bitter, in 2010 the company started producing a second lighter version that is more suitable for a wider public. (Via Cesare Battisti n. 14 - 33100 Udine - Tel. 0432-510654 / 0432-510768)

Punico Liquori – It is born from the collaboration between a famous enologist, Vito Maltese, and the wine cellars of Marsala, Sicily. For forty years, this company has produced its drinks choosing products from the Mediterranean island. The best one is the Amaro Punico, a modern liqueur characterized by oregano and gentian flower aromas with hints of Sicilian citrus fruits. (Via S. Lipari, 13 91025 Marsala (TP) - Tel. 339 4660010 / 349 7586325)