Vegan Ice-cream


Ice-cream is the favorite food of Italians. According to a study commissioned by the IGI (Institute of Italian ice-cream) in the research institute Eurisko, ice-cream likes the 95% of the population of Italy. Among the admirers of this food, 39 % say they eat it often, 37% sometimes, while only 19% rarely consume it. Fresh and tasty, ice-cream satisfies the palates of millions of people. In fact, there is an ice-cream for every taste - and diet!


Consequently, to be "only" good,  is no longer enough. The ice-cream today cannot contain milk or other animal products. Although this does not apply only to ice-cream, of course. From cakes to pies, the new buzzword is that they must be vegans. For example, there is a growing number of ice-cream shops and companies that adhere to this new fashion, food philosophy "zero animal products", ready to show new vegetarian proof sweets. Even a historical Italian mark Fabbri produces a line of vegan products, from ice-cream to cakes, including a delicious special Sacher for vegans. 

In the traditional ice-cream, fats and proteins where made from milk, cream and eggs; vegan's ice- cream, however,  replaced these ingredients by those of vegetal origins. Vegetal proteins can come from the "vegetable milk" made with legumes, cereals or nuts such as walnuts or other seeds like hemp. Thus, the vegan ice-cream aims to satisfy the palate of those who have decided to follow an exclusively vegetable diet, retaining that is good for your health and  for being respectful with animals.

Timeless are the traditional flavors like chocolate, whipped cream and custard cream, but the variations are endless. After the explosion of ginger, the new fashion is the taste of bread! But there is always more research to exalt the local specialties. And then there are the ice-cream flavors of vegetables - rucula, artichokes, celery and fennel, but also flavored with pesto and ricotta cheese - or prepared with legumes.

Crowned by a crispy waffle or nestled on a golden and crumbly cone, embellished with a fluffy cloud of whipped cream or delicious chocolate drops, discover the soft and fresh taste of the summer king. Read the IT5 of the week.