Cappelli Bread



What it is

The Cappelli Bread, mostly present within Chieti province, takes its name from the variety of durum wheat used for its preparation, called “Senatore Cappelli”.
Kingdom of Italy’s senator Raffaele Cappelli, strenuously supporting the agrarian reformation process in early 1900’s (the one which brought to the distinction between “common” and “durum” wheat), made possible the activities of a group of researchers lead by Nazareno Strampelli who, in 1915, genetically selected this wheat variety, similar to the ancient wheat varieties.

It is as a formal recognition to the work of senator Cappelli that Nazareno Strampelli used his name.
For tens of years, Cappelli wheat has been the most diffused cultivation in South and Insular Italy, until late 1975, when varieties with a higher yield per hectare were introduced.
This fact, however, must not shadow the importance of this variety in the panorama of the cereals agriculture worldwide.
Senator Cappelli has been used all over the world by pretty much all the cereals breeders as parental variety for their new durum wheat varieties.
It can be well said then, that the majority of durum wheat varieties nowadays have the Cappelli as ascendant.
The Cappelli Bread has then unique characteristics which derive from both the special durum wheat variety used and the preparation process which dates back to the 1930’s and it hold various dialect names (“filoncino di municarella”, “coppietta”, “pagnotta alta”, “filone”, “cuscino”, “schirone”).

How it looks like and how it tastes
The preferred formats for Cappelli Bread are the “filone” (narrow, elongated shape), the round and the elongated shape.
This bread is typically of an intense yellowish color, as it can be expected since durum wheat is used, with a golden-colored crust.
It is a very aromatic and fragrant bread, with a characteristic sourish taste.
The baking techniques used for Cappelli bread are the traditional ones, typical of Abruzzo and of the Chieti province in particular.
The ingredients:
•    Senatore Cappelli durum wheat flour
•    Water
•    Culture yeast
•    Sourdough