One of the most beloved “modern” Italian cookies, the Krumiri are a delicacy with a unique selling point: their recipe is unchanged since they were invented in 1878 – and it won’t change anytime soon. Created by confectioner Domenico Rossi as a last-ditch attempt to feed his late-night friends with something simple and tasty, the Krumiri are just a very rich shortbread, shaped as rough “mustaches”.
The cookies are excellent for dunking in milk – but the reason for their success is actually based around their historical mystique. The shape, for example, is said to be a homage to the handlebar mustaches of the first king of united Italy, Vittorio Emanuele II. The packaging never changed either – in a sense.

Beside the industrial versions of Krumiri, which you can easily find in any Italian supermarket in basic form or chocolate covered, the city of Casale Monferrato where the cookies were invented still produces them in artisanal form. These Krumiri are the only one that can be sold in the original tin can bearing the royal seal and the now old-fashioned pictures and typography – and they are a coveted grail for gluttons everywhere.