Colli di Luni Vermentino


Colli di Luni Vermentino Etichetta Grigia di Lunae comes from vineyards in the region of Liguria, in Castelnuovo Magra and Ortonova, in the area of Colli di Luni, near the southern part of Magra river, on Tuscany border.

The wine is produced only with Vermentino grapes, harvested by hand in the middle of September. These grapes are probably of Spanish origin, imported in Corsica and then in Italy (from Sardinia, where there is a wine of the same name, but different, to Tuscany and finally in Liguria). Nevertheless, the wine has obtaine in 1988 the Controlled Denomination of Origin in the area of Tigullio, where there are Moscato and sweet Moscato, Vermentino and Bianchetto Genovese. It is also present in the western part of the region, in province of Imperia.

Treatment: grapes ferment on white in steel tanks at the controlled temperature of twenty degrees, with a few-hours contact with the must to obtain peels’ scent and a middle intense colour. After the fermentation there is the refinement.

Description: the colour is straw yellow, with light green and sometimes golden reflects. At the smell the wine is strong and long lasting, with scents of hawthorn, apples, white peaches, acacia honey, rural flowers, rosemary, thyme, apricots and pineapple. The taste is fresh and balanced.

Complement: it matches well with mushrooms dishes, white meats, vegetables, fish dishes.