Aglianico del Vulture


Aglianico del Vulture is a red wine, produced in the region of Basilicata with Aglianico grapes that are near Mount Vulture. This one is an inactive volcan and the soil surrounding it is particularly suitable to this vine cultivation. It is a delicate grape, that doesn’t stand extreme temperatures, either hot or cold. Luckily, it is in such a position that it doesn’t suffer the ones or the others: the altitude saves it from too much hot and, considering the place, it is hardly exposed to lots of cold or frost.

In 1971 it has been declared a Controlled Denomination of Origin wine and in 2010 Controlled and Granted Denomination of Origin, in its “riserva” variation.

Treatment: to produce this wine are used Aglianico grapes which, cultivated at an altitude between two and six hundred metres, give the best wine. Depending on the ageing period are obtained classic (minimum three years) or “riserva” variations (five years). From the grape harvest to the selling must pass at least a year and, considering its good resistance to ageing, it is better to drink it after three years.

Description: the colour is ruby red, that with ageing can take orange shades, and at the smell one can feel fruits, spices, withered flowers and toasted aromas (these last three are as strong as the ageing of the wine). It has a high proof (between 11,5 and 14 degrees) and a full-bodied structure.

Complement: it marches well with white and red meats (grilled), game, very aged cheeses.