10 Wines for 10 Occasions, Brought to You Directly from Vinitaly


The 50th edition of the exciting Vinitaly concluded a few days ago, the international wine fair that is held every year since 1967 in Verona, groups together the best producers in Italy and in the world, ready to offer exquisite tastings of their best wines to sommeliers, restaurateurs, and experts in the sector. We at Italian Traditions have checked it out for you and selected ten suitable wines that can be paired with certain dishes, or ideally be preserved for that special occasion. All have been chosen among some of the best in the rich Made in Italy wine sector.  


Born from the perfect balance between the Chardonnay and the ancestral power of the Pinot noir, the Franciacorta Brut with a full and balanced taste is the perfect ambassador of wine chosen from this winery. Lively, fresh and versatile, listed as a perfect wine to accompany a full meal, especially when paired with dishes that have delicate flavors. Great if accompanied with pasta dishes with white meat sauce. It is delicious with baked or grilled fish.


Produced by the Cooperative Terre del Barolo, which has been actively produced this wine since 1958, becoming one of the most loved in the world, this Barolo Chinato is usually paired with desserts, and matches perfectly with dark chocolate. This is because the sweet -sour -spicy contrast that comes from this match immediately waters in your mouth.


The winery Le Chiantigiane has established the protection, distribution and dissemination of Tuscan excellence in the world as its main objective since it first opened. A mission that was taken very seriously. To fully understand it, just enjoy this unique Chianti with a medium body and tenacity, an ideal companion for red meats cooked on the grill, which brings out its best when served with game dishes or seasoned cheese.


One of the most famous wineries in Italy, known for the birth of the aromatic, Superior sparkling wine, Prosecco. Youthful and characteristic, a sparkling and creamy bubbly that is accompanied by a rich aromatic bouquet with pleasant fresh fruity hints of almonds and acacia flowers. It is ideal for a refreshing afternoon aperitif, or to be paired with delicious puff pastries topped with cream and fresh fruit.


Produced by the oldest Tuscan wine cooperative and wine, it is among the most beloved in Italy. This Montepulciano has a “mountain " soul and loves strong flavors like lamb or goat, which go hand in hand with the intense fruity taste of the wine. It is indeed great for accompanying the famous lamb abbacchio dish, stewed, or stuffed lamb, artichokes or oven roasted lamb leg.


POGGIOBELLO (Friuli Venezia Giulia)

Ribolla Gialla was born from the excellent grapes of the vast Poggiobello Estate, which produce white wines from the Friuli Hills that are some of the best in Italy. A fine dry and fruity white wine from Friuli that goes perfectly well with appetizers and fried fish.


Rosso Barletta Doc was born from the best vineyards in Puglia that get the nice southern sun and refreshing sea breeze, ideal if consumed with rather structured dishes such as pork and red meat, game and aged pecorino cheese, as well as homemade sausages, baked lamb and stewed chicken and rabbit cacciatora style.


Dispersed among the rolling hills of Calabria, the Garrubba winery produces some of the most noble wines of the South, such as the Charm Rosa : fresh and delicate, pink and violet tones, it is ideal with white meat or mushrooms, but it is also suitable to accompany an aperitif.

IL PIGNOLETTO (Emilia Romagna)

Blunt and with a pleasant fresh vein, this wine is produced by one of the largest consortiums in Italy. It is ideal for aperitifs and appetizers, but it is a "natural” pairing with the dishes and foods typical of its region of origin, ' Emilia Romagna. It is therefore with great mortadella (bologna), but it also accompanies the first traditional dishes perfectly, such as tortellini in broth for example.


Produced in the endlessly sunny Sardinian lands by an ancient family cooperative. This wine comes from the best vines of Sardinia. This Vermentino is very refined. It has a delicate aroma and its strong and complex flavor is naturally great for accompanying seafood, thanks to its unique, light and organoleptic characteristics.