Boreto alla graisana

Dish par excellence of the beautiful city of Grado, enchanting islands in the province of Gorizia, which is one of the many treasures of Italy, and also known as the Island of the Sun or The first Venice, boreto alla graisana includes in its recipe the essence of the island, which has always lived of sea and fishing.

Boreto is a poor dish based on fish,  it was in fact prepared by the fishermen, who, using the fish that could not be sold to the market, created a simple and tasty recipe using very few ingredients. Came early in the canteens of Grado families because of the abundance of fish and simply preparation, the recipe was transmitted from generation to generation, raised then to the upper echelons of the Friulian cuisine and of Italy in general, and even today it is respected the original preparation, which we propose below. From this course they have developed different variants, which also changes for each family, but still retaining the basic recipe, which we present and that you are free to reinterpret to your liking, as they did in their time the fishermen of Grado. Another great recipe of the culinary tradition made in Italy.


Turbot pieces


Cefalo (You can also use only one type of these three fish)

Half glass of white vinegar

2 Cloves of garlic

Flour White polenta


Black pepper



In a shallow saucepan, heat the oil along with the garlic cloves peeled  until the latter have not darkened. Add the pieces of fish washed and towel, add abundant oil and pepper, then pour the vinegar, and after a few minutes of cooking, remove the garlic and add half  glass of water. Allow to cook until completely cooked (the time will vary depending on the quantity of fish), so that there is a formation of a dense and tasty sauce. Usually the dish is accompanied by a sheet of white polenta dish, which should be poured the gravy, whose strong flavor goes perfectly with the delicacy of the polenta.