What Italian dish are you?


Have you ever thought that your personality could be associated with a specific dish? What is the dish that identifies you better? Are you a person who likes to eat elaborate and rich dishes or do you prefer a light and low calorie meal? Discover what your tastes in the kitchen tell about you and how!

Pizza: Expansive

Vivacious and always in a good mood,  you like to share leisure time with friends provided they are equally expansive. You are creative and friendly and will easily to adapt in any even if sometimes you're a little whimsical.

Lasagna: Concrete

You are a concrete and principled person but also patient and observant. You always try to establish circumstantial relations, devoting your precious time only to those who really deserve it.

Spaghetti Carbonara: Entrepreneur

You have an energetic and enterprising personality. You love the intense feelings so you always proudly express your ideas and do not mind at all being the center of attention.

Trenette al pesto: Resolute

You're a very frank, simple and no frills person. You are not looking for complications and you do everything fast because you do not like wasting time.

Milanese risotto: Reliable

You are accurate, trustworthy and caring but at the same time creative. You always try to highlight the details of everything and in any situation.