Risotto all'Amarone


Amarone is a strong red wine from the Valpolicella area, near Verona. Risotto all’Amarone is then a wine risotto using ingredients typical of that area. While the wine itself is relatively easy to find in well-assorted Italian delis, the cheese used in this recipe is quite another story (even in Italy!): you can try substituting it with the slightly more common Montasio cheese, or even a half-seasoned Taleggio. This is a great dish and a caloric bomb. Don’t go for it if you are on a diet, but by all means try this risotto if you are curious about the real flavors of the Veneto region cuisine.




  • 320 g Vialone nano rice
  • 60 g Monte Veronese cheese
  • 350 ml Amarone wine
  • 1 Shallot
  • 60 g butter
  • 60 g cow marrow
  • 1 liter meat broth
  • Salt





This is a quite simple recipe. Melt half the butter in a pan with the marrow, add the (finely chopped) shallot, a ladle of broth and cook until it evaporates. As you do this, warm the wine in a pot over a very light flame: your goal is to let all the alcohol to evaporate and to raise its temperature as much as possible without making it boil. Now add the rice and toast it remembering to keep moving it with a wooden spoon in order for it not to stick. When it’s ready, cover it with the warm wine, stir while it is absorbed, add more wine and so on until all the wine is gone. Then it is time to add (again, just enough to cover the rice every time) the broth too. Keep stirring and adding broth until the rice is cooked but firm. The final phase requires adding the remaining butter and the cheese. Stir over the fire until everything is well amalgamated… then serve and enjoy a rare peek into Italy’s flavors!