Original Fast e-Guides

Club Italia and the Original Fast e-Guides

Dear Italian Traditions Friend,

Here you go, in the true spirit of discovery of Italy and its many, more and less known itineraries: our Fast e-Guides.

Short, easy to read, our fast e-guides are extremely portable (PDF, suitable to all kind of devices, from Desktops, to iPhones, iPads and any other mobile device in existence) and lead you through the most scenic itineraries and less know towns and routes in Italy.

A key resource for all those willing to discover and live the Belpaese, with surprise locations and hidden treasures.

With indications to places that even Italians ignore.

For free, to all the Club Italia registered Members.

Do you want a sneak-peak into some of our Fast e-Guides? Here you go!

NR. 1 – “A breath-taking itinerary through Medieval Umbria”
NR. 2 – “Scenic itinerary through the Castelli Romani and their Volcanic Lakes”
NR. 3 – “Ischia: itinerary through the pearl of the Gulf of Naples”
NR. 4 – “Discovering the Venice Lagoon Islands: Murano, Burano and Torcello”
NR. 5 – “At the discovery of the picturesque Etruscan coast of Tuscany”
NR. 6 – “Along the Riviera of Flowers in Liguria”
NR. 7 – “A paradisiac journey through the Upper Val di Non, in Trentino Alto Adige”
NR. 8 – “Siciliy and its true terrace over Mount Etna, Taormina”
NR. 9 – “A scenic walk through the splendid West shore of the Maggiore Lake, in Lombardy”
NR. 10 – “Discovering Bellagio, along the Lake Como’s shoreline, Lombardy”
NR. 11 – “Along Sardinia’s Emerald Coast”
NR. 12 – “Along the stunning coast of Cilento, in Campania”
NR. 13 – “Umbria’s Highlands and Lunar landscapes”
NR. 14 – “Through the National Park of Gran Sasso and its jewel, Campo Imperatore”
NR. 15 – “Val Veny, Mont Blanc, a heavenly itinerary across Aosta Valley”
NR. 16 – “An astonishing walk through the Park of the Alcantara river in Sicily”
NR. 17 – “The tuscan Orbetello Lagoon and its stunning sights”
NR. 18 – “Capri Island: from Augustus Gardens, Via Krupp”
NR. 19 – “On the road through the Langhe, to discover the King of the Italian wines (Barolo)”
NR. 20 – “Cosenza: a scenic drive along the Tyrrhenian coast of Calabria”
NR. 21 – “Further South to the discovery of Maratea, pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea in Basilicata”
NR. 22 – “Mottarone, Piedmont, and its magical views at 1’500 meters above Lake Maggiore”
NR. 23 – “The volcanic lake of Bracciano and its enchanting Medieval villages”
NR. 24 – “A scenic drive through the Garda Lake”

And more added every day!

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