Which character of Italian comics are you?


The love for Italian comics has always been very strong, inside and outside its borders, thanks to a tradition of respect from the early twentieth century with the Corriere dei Piccoli, followed over the years by the mythical and unforgettable works that have contribute in full right to the cultural history of Italy. Are you curious to find out what character of Italian comics you look like and what are your characteristics? Do it with Italian Traditions!

Tex Willer: The Brave

You are a loyal guy, you have nerves of steel and can assess all circumstances, always finding a way out in any danger of the situation? So you can identify in Tex Willer, Texas Ranger and the classic example of a positive hero without blemish and without fear, but for the triumph of justice he is also willing to break the law.

Dylan Dog: The Introvert

If you are a lover of animals, raise little interest for many aspects of modern life and technology and prefer to spend your time reading and listening to music, then you are Dylan Dog, the clever detective former agent of Scotland Yard with a mysterious past created by Tiziano Sclavi which helps those who have been affected or even touched by the black wing of the supernatural.

Diabolik: The Headstrong

If you love danger and you can get what you want right away without worrying about anything or anyone, retaining a strong code of ethics, then embodies perfectly Diabolik, a hero born from the Giussani sisters pen, a mysterious criminal who, under the inseparable tights, hides a bright and brilliant personality, attracted mainly by the challenge component inherent in every shot that he scored.

Corto Maltese: The Venturesome

Do you like adventures, traveling and unable to cope with calm and lucidity all the situations that happens, even the most extreme? You are Corto Maltese, the unforgettable sailor and well-educated adventurer with the nomadic spirit created by Hugo Pratt, the undisputed master of Italian comics and internationally.

Martin Mystere: The Curious

If you have an uncontrollable and insatiable curiosity about everything you surround yourself with, and you're a self-deprecating person who does not care to correct your defects, then you can recognize yourself in Martin Mystere, an unusual detective and professor investigating the "great puzzles" never solved, by archaeological ones to historical, from scientific to parascientific and to esoteric.