Italian Pastry, 5 Ambassadors and Artists of taste


Cakes, pastries, frozen desserts, biscuits, chocolates and pralines. The Italian confectionery art, as well as the gastronomic one, it is an endless journey. In recent years we have witnessed its interesting evolution that led to a very high degree and to give new dignity to the figures of the pastry chef and pastry chef, witnessed a magical blend of precision, creativity and passion. Today Italian Traditions let you know some of these, names known to the general public thanks to the many awards they have won and thanks to excellence and sublime goodness of their confectionery masterpieces.

Pasticceria Veneto

It is the bakery of the Milanese Maestro Iginio Massari, king of Italian pastry chefs and founder of the Italian Master Pastry Chef Academy (Accademia Maestri Pasticceri Italiani). Most beloved by gourmands of the BelPaese, Pasticceria Veneto is synonymous with talent, harmony of taste, creativity and strict discipline;  here, since 1971, Iginio has set up his laboratory, or rather its study of pastry artist, where he always creates sweet and savory masterpieces. National and international specialties, including croissants, panettone, bussolà, cookies, traditional and innovative cakes and a variety of chocolate and chocolates.

Gino Fabbri Pasticcere

In the confectionery art of Gino Fabbri margarine, chemical additives and artificial flavors give way to butter, flour, milk and vanilla of the highest quality, to give life to a patisserie that touches the five senses, to achieve maximum pleasure and gratify the spirit. Search quality means innovate and renew itself, taking new ideas for the future from the tradition of the past, it also means continuing to learn and know: this is the philosophy of the famous Bolognese pastry "La caramella". Elected Pastry Chef of the year in 2009, in 2015 Fabbri was then rewarded by Sigep in Rimini as the father of Italian pastry, capable of promoting the confectionery art in the world.

Pasticceria Besuschio

From Abbiategrasso, municipality of the province of Milan, at the top of Italian pastry. The antics of greedy Andrea Besuschio and his family have earned, in fact, the second place in the authoritative guide Pasticceri&Pasticcerie 2016 of the Italian food and wine magazine “Gambero Rosso”. Five generations of pastry chef, one after another, in search of a sweet that might be better able to interpret the spirit of the time. Thus it was born and now grows and lives Pasticceria Besuschio, strong of an historical legacy made of wisdom and experience, but also to continuously study and desire to experiment.

Pasticceria Pasquale Marigliano

The gentleman pastry chef. So it can be defined Pasquale Marigliano, peaceful and gentle man, wherever known for its mastery in the chocolate art. After an enviable education, Pasquale opened his Pâtisserie in 2000, focusing on a new philosophy of taste, with the intention to educate its customers to an Italian pastry with a modern touch and quality. The secret of his success is the result of the perfect blend between the two cultures that give flavor to his experience: the Neapolitan and French cultures, which not only shaped his character and the attitude, but that still constitutes its peculiarity. His workshop is a real paradise of the most diverse flavors, from the typical Neapolitan desserts to the chocolate, which Pasquale works in many creative variations.

Pasticceria Sal De Riso

In the production of Salvatore De Riso there are all the flavors of the Amalfi Coast, with its genuine flavors of an eternal tradition. The image of the ambassador of Amalfi Coast is inextricably linked to its lemons, the hazelnuts, ricotta and to all that his fruitful and generous land offers him. Its wonderful sweets come from the research and the union of these excellent raw materials. Among its many and famous specialties, we remember the superb lemon delights, the profiteroles Limoncello Babà, as well as two desserts become a symbol of his pastry: the Dolce di Amalfi and ricotta and pear cake. You cannot miss also the panettone with Limoncello cream, the doves, the pastries, the ice cream and the preserves.