RV Lifestyle, 10 places to visit with kids


An alternative way to visit places and cities in the name of freedom, with the opportunity to make new acquaintances, perhaps with other lovers of life en plein air: this is the meaning of travel in RVs. Characteristic of this "philosophy" is not only the opportunity to live surrounded by nature, but also to arrange travel tour by themselves without external influences. For a family vacation and for the delight of children, Italian Traditions offers you 10 unforgettable places to visit in Italy, strictly in campers!

We start from the north Italy with Piramidi di terra del Renon in Trentino Alto Adige, unique geological formations topped by a rock formed by the erosion caused by environmental influences such as water and wind. It is a hiking paradise that fascinates children and adults and can be admired in the whole territory, from the province of Trento to Bolzano. Also in Alto Adige there are other natural monuments like this, like the piramidi di Plata. In Bolzano, also, you can visit Ötzi - The Iceman, one of the most famous and important mummies in the world, whose discovery is unique and special because this man - suddenly snatched from life - is perfectly preserved, with clothing and equipment complete. An unforgettable and training experience!

Around Christmas time we move to Piedmont to visit the magical Santa's Grotto at Orvasso, the ancient marble quarry decorated for the occasion, at the center of which we find our Santa Claus ready to listen to the wishes of the younger ones. Before the entrance, there is a magical path with striking characters. Instead in Lombardy, you to visit at any time of year the MuBa (Children's Museum), which provides free area where children can play, and a paid one with exhibitions and workshops that alternate throughout the year.

We arrive in Veneto, where we make a stop at the Park of Talking Tree, a unique attraction with games that stimulate curiosity of children between magic and nature. Then we descend in Liguria to visit the wonderful Aquarium of Genoa; the visit, which lasts about two and a half hours, will lead to the discovery of animals and aquatic vegetation, from the coldest to the warmest seas.

If you are in Emilia Romagna in the spring we recommend you to make a stop at the Po Delta Park, where, in the wonderful Island Boscoforte, one of the most picturesque corners of the park, you can admire the beautiful pink flamingos and many other animal species. In Tuscany you can go in search of traces of the Etruscans from Populonia from Roselle up to Chiusi and Cetona, there are many attractions, museums and theme parks all deserving your attention.

Going down to the south, Puglia, with its crystal clear sea and its white trulli are an ideal destination for both children and adults. Finally the islands! Perfect for a family vacation is the island of Vulcano in Sicily, with its black sand will be a real spectacle for the little ones. But before leaving, do not forget to proofread your RV, find the best battery to make sure you will have a perfect holiday!