The goldsmith's capital, 6 historical workshops of Vicenza


Since the 14th Century the goldsmith's art has been the basis of the economy of Vicenza’s area, and many were the artisans who were known for the skill and care in their work. Until a few years ago, the typical goldsmith products of Vicenza were chains, medals and straps. Nowadays the range production results to be much broader and more diversified: over time more and more light, better finished and higher value added items were created, as classical and fine jewelry items and, in a more limited extent, mini-jewelry. 

A tradition of the “Made in Italy” so enduring and diverse, testimonies remain in the historical goldsmith workshops still present in the city, which stand out for innovative proposals enriched by the contribution of their lasting historical experience. Italian Traditions tells you some of the most famous.


Since the 15th Century, situated underneath the arches of the ancient Palazzo della Ragione, where was venue of the historic "district of goldsmiths”, we find one of the most traditional jewelry companies, belonging to the Ageno family, which has been running the business for generations. Their extensive product range includes jewelry with all kinds of stones, derived from silver and crystal processing.


Also situated underneath the arches of what once was the ancient Palazzo della Ragione, it is another workshop of the most enduring activities of Vicenza. The company was taken over by Giulio Balzarin in 1918 and has continued its flourishing production till our present days. Here today you may find the most classic goldsmith combined with handcrafted jewelry of Italian and foreign artistic workmanship, created with a refined research of new materials in combination with precious stones and metals.


Born in 1888 by the willingness and capacity to large engraving of Ermenegildo dal Monico, this workshop of gold and silver engraving is located under the central arch of the Palladian Basilica. Nowadays the company combines the experience of tradition with the most advanced technologies for the engraving machinery, completing the entire production process in-house. It mainly produces plates, panels and adhesive labels.


Active since the beginning of the 20th Century in Piazza dei Signori, for a long time it has been a workshop mainly dedicated to repairs. Today ample space is given also to sale, with products of the most famous brands, such as Longiness, Tissot, Rado, Hamilton, of silverware and jewelry.  The environment has remained unchanged since the prestigious shop of a time.


The company is located within walking distance to Porta S. Lucia and, in its inside for four generations, is handed down the ancient craft of coppersmith. It was founded in 1896 for the production of everyday objects, but with the passing of time the range of manufactured and sold products has expanded, going to include gift items, sacred art, chisel and embossing works, hoods for fireplaces and much more.


Founded by Adolfo Soprana in the mid-fifties, the path of this workshop has gone through half a century by binding to the people and the life of the city in any type of occasion, private or public. Over the years, the jewelry has become promoter of many cultural events: in year 2000, on the occasion of the Jubilee Year, Soprana planned and executed the restoration of the Crown the Basilica of Monte Berico. The workshop is now specialized in restoration, designer and antique jewelry, and watches.