The 6 best graphic novels of all time


Despite being relatively young, comics are an evolution of one of the oldest forms of art ever created by man. Born officially in 1865, with the comic strip called The Yellow Kid, the comics are entered slowly but surely in society. Some comics are considered masterpieces of the genre, some authors of genes, other visionaries. It happens that sometimes some adventures come in the history of the genre. But what are the best graphic novel (or comics) ever? Whether you are a novice or navigated readers, this is the list of graphic novels that deserve a space in your library!

Dylan Dog


The Investigator of nightmares is certainly the detective in red shirt and black jacket best known in Italy. Created in 1986 by Tiziano Sclavi for Sergio Bonelli Editore, he has brought to the fore the kind of horror comics. Dylan Dog is a private investigator based in London where, with the help of that inseparable assistant Groucho, investigates unexplained paranormal phenomena. The paranormal blends irony and the atmosphere is saturated with a grotesque anguish capable of blurring the line between reality and nightmare.


Mysterious criminal that is rampant in the rich city of Clerville with his inseparable tights, Diabolik was born in the early sixties by the genius of the Giussani sisters, observing daily commuters who traveled to Milan Cadorna station, had the insight to realize a comic with a "pocket" format, that is, you could easily read waiting for the train and then traveling.


The black bob can only send us back to the character of Valentina Rosselli, created by fashion photographer Guido Crepax in 1965 and became in a short time by the sensuality sexy icon - and sexuality - bursting. The cartoon stories are characterized not only by a strong but delicate eroticism, even by great components and very strong dream-like stories that outline sometimes hermetic, which will bring Valentina in fantastic and surreal worlds.

V per Vendetta

Written by Alan Moore and illustrated by David Lloyd, V for Vendetta is a powerful and compelling epic tale about loss of freedom and individuality, born as a response to right-wing politics in 1980. The story is set in a futuristic and dystopian Britain, where the totalitarian dictatorial regime took power following the confusion derived from a nuclear war. In this environment it moves the protagonist, V, an enigmatic masked character in which the desire for freedom is combined with a marked anarchic spirit.

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

No history of Batman is probably more important than that of Frank Miller, The Dark Knight Returns. Released in 1986, the masterpiece of Miller was responsible for the rejuvenation of Batman as the dark, brooding character we know today. The book is a work of art with raw and sharp designs, claustrophobic and psychedelic environments. Gotham City is a hell on earth, street gangs roam unchecked, the degradation is omnipresent, and there are no more heroes. An older Bruce Wayne was too tired will once again wear the clothes of the bat to save Gotham from itself!


One of the masterpieces of the writer Alan Moore, drawn by an excellent Dave Gibbons, Watchmen is an intense and complex comic-book with unforgettable characters, that explores issues of absolute power, love and madness of the world of comics. Set in 1980, the story follows a diverse group of costumed superheroes in an alternate universe where the United States is still in the midst of the Cold War with the Soviet Union.