Technology in the kitchen, here are the news of the future


How will the kitchen of the future be? When it comes to technology and future developments we like to think big. Many, and surprising, are the innovations that the future holds for us, increasingly advanced technological appliances and gadgets that will help us to facilitate everyday’s work, that will improve, and absolutely will, our lives, pushing to ask ourselves how could we live without before. What will we be able to do in our technological, smart and forefront kitchens with new gadgets and smart appliances?


We will print food

It's name is Foodini and it works like a 3D printer. Indeed, it is exactly a 3D printer, but instead of putting it in the studio or in the office, Foodini will be located on the shelf of our cutting-edge kitchens. That's right, a printer that doesn’t use plastic polymers but the ingredients that we want: from chocolate, to biscuit or pizza dough. It’s enough to find online the model of the press, wait and bake or boil

We will read the recipes or check Facebook directly from the hob

This is Whirlpool’s concept for the kitchens of the future: an interactive touchscreen hob, which integrates the technologies that we usually use. Besides controlling the recipe that’s being prepared, we'll be able to listen to our favorite playlists, check for social network updates or call mom to ask some advices.

The refrigerator will make the shopping list

The refrigerator in question is the one imagined by LG, it’ll be able to store our purchases (with the relevant expiry dates) and our eating habits, to send the shopping list, to recommend recipes. Surely, the touchscreen display will be unmissable, and the voice recognition system to give each family member the right dietary advice (not required).

We will eat meals cooked by robot-chefs

Pours, mixes, cuts, cooks and serves, with the fluency and mastery of a multi-starred chef: it’s robot-chef that governs the world’s first fully automated kitchen. Realized by 20 motors, 24 joints and 129 sensors, replicates the movements of two human arms managing to perform perfectly over 2,000 recipes. The prototype was revealed at the Hannover technology trade fair by the engineers of Moley Robotics, that point for 2017  to put on the market an even more advanced automated kitchen model, where the robot-chef will be able to use also refrigerator and dishwasher.

The fork will tell us if the food’s good

Actually chopsticks will do it, but who knows if the brevet will extended to our cutlery. Thanks to the invention of the Chinese Company Baidu, food poisoning will only be a bad memory and we’ll be safe from counterfeit foods. In fact, it’ll be enough to touch the food or liquid with chopsticks to get on our smartphones all nutritional data, but above all to know whether what we’re eating is safe or not, thanks to the immediate leds lighting on the chopsticks.

The trash garbage will open by itself

Ironia alert is already purchasable! Is a bin with a sensor, which allows it to open, something that we can no longer deal without?