10 good reasons to eat organic


Choosing the feeding way based on products of organic farming means taking the best way for food wellness, in harmony with the times and the resources that are in nature.
The correlation between the foods and the quality of life is a concept now established in our culture, which dates back to the nineteenth century, period when the famous philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach wrote “The mystery of Sacrifice or Man, is what he eats”. A concept based as timely as ever: the one that provides an intrinsic connection between mind and body. Here so more than 10 good reasons that will make you understand why and how important it is to choose the organic path.

1. Eating organic helps reduce the risk of cancer. As measured by Epa, the US agency for food security, most of the pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and fungicides used in agriculture contain carcinogens. The increase of cancer cases in the world would be  indeed linked to their use.

2. Choosing organic foods means giving support to biodiversity, a fundamental aspect for the life of the planet. Unfortunately, non-organic food, obtained by high yield monocultures, is already seriously endangering biodiversity.

3. Buying organic foods allows to facilitate the expansion of their sales and of their production in agriculture, at the expense of conventional cultivation methods which provide a wide use of pesticides and in contrast to the threat of the use of GMO seeds.

4. Unlike products from industrial and intensive agriculture, organic products are not exposed to unnatural ripening, which require the use of special gases, as can occur for example in cases of bananas.

5. Preferring organic food products means supporting the work of the farmers engaged in sustainable cultivation and free of pesticides, while in the same time protecting their health too. An increase of Parkinson's cases has been detected by the experts of Harvard University amongst those whom are found working in contact with pesticides.

6. Choosing organic means ensuring a more sustainable future for the next generations. The organic farming methods respect Earth and are careful not to waste the planet's resources, starting from water, which is polluted due to the use of pesticides.

7. Organic products are much more healthful foods. They may contain higher amounts of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, and they are beneficial to the development of children, as they do not expose their organism, more sensitive to toxins, to potentially harmful chemicals.

8. Not being treated by pesticides, organic products result free of neurotoxins, which are toxins considered harmful for the brain and the nervous system.

9. Most organic foods, fruits and vegetables grown without the use of pesticides, have a much better flavor than conventional products. Choosing organic is the way to discover unique, authentic and forgotten flavors.

10. Organic products do not contain GMOs and they are not produced from genetically modified seeds. Choosing them means protecting our body from risks to health increasingly linked to GMOs, such as allergies, cancer and digestive problems.