La Murrina


Venice has always been renown for its production of artisanal handmade glass, which has provided the city with an important economic reality, as well as an iconic ancient tradition. Many documents dating back to the late 13th century, in fact, attest to a high concentration of glass-making furnaces along the Rio dei Vetrai in Murano, where the oldest laboratories still exist. Murano glass is definitely one of the most famous Italian products in the world, one of the many representations of the Made in Italy reality that the Belpaese is so well-known and loved for abroad. Today Italian Traditions presents you the leading company in the field: La Murrina.

It all started in the sixties, when news first came of a small furnace run by a group of master glassmakers called Murrina Fornace, from which La Murrina Spa trademark would be born. The business, as thought of by the owners, consisted in making few prestigious glass-blown objects, a practice which continued until 1974. It was in this very year that the property was acquired by a Milanese family, which already manufactured lighting products in glass and metal. This moment marks the final transformation of the company into a more entrepreneurial logic: the brand is spread all over the world, and as a result, its collections are enriched even more so.

The opening of an office and a logistics center, and the opening of the first flagship stores in Rome and Milan revealed a major step for the company’s success. A success that clearly continues today. The company’s products are distributed throughout Italy through a network of direct points of sales and franchising, and also abroad through a sales network that has ten flagship stores scattered around the most important cities in the world, as well as representative offices in many countries abroad. The already high quality of the manufactured products from La Murrina, continues to improve thanks to its collaboration with designers and engineers who have helped to insert products featuring contemporary design, yet made according to the ancient techniques of glass blowing, into its collections.

Each and every piece is handmade with great attention to detail. The watermark, the incalmo, layered and murrine techniques stand out among the techniques used by artisans to create these magnificent objects. The Murrine technique is one of the most famous and ancient, from which the company takes its name. More specifically, La Murrina produces jewelry, lighting and classical and contemporary furnishing objects. The continuous search for new ideas and solutions is a goal that the company seeks to achieve daily. Thanks its solid competence and ability to integrate its work with that of architects and designers, the company has entered into the world of contract with a division specifying that, in addition to the range of products in its catalog, it offers custom-made products carefully followed from the design process up to engineering, lighting assembly and maintenance.