Acero Rosso, The scent of wood


Creativity, craftsmanship in every detail, the continuous and careful quest for the quality of materials and the product itself is undoubtedly what characterizes the artisan work of the Belpaese. The same ingredients that distinguish the work of Acero Rosso, a carpentry shop in the heart of Cabiaglio Castello, a small town in the province of Varese in Lombardy.

Acero Rosso is Mauro Barraja, a wood craftsman who has never ceased to quietly pursue his passion, and that at some point in his career as he felt a strong boost, he has managed to open his own business. In 1990, led by maestro Gianni Tognella, Mauro started to approach the laying techniques of wooden floors, specializing in sanding, design and mosaic, inlays in art deco and in the restoration of old flooring. The love, the knowledge and the ability to manipulate the wood in all its facets, together with his extensive in the field, offered him the opportunity and chance to start building furniture, especially custom-made, and everyday wooden objects for the home.


The extreme attention to the origin of the materials, the use of ecological products and natural finishes without solvents - such as environmentally friendly oils and waxes - but also the recovery of waste wood are the business strengths of the exclusive creations by Mauro. In his carpentry workshop, the pieces are made entirely by hand, using ancient tools, avoiding the use of the current and more modern ones.

"Itinerant Carpentry" as defined by Barraja. The travels as it allows him to make certain products directly at the customer's home: furnishing components that are built like a tailored suit, that arise from a detailed study of the object and careful attention to detail.  

A working method developed by chance that Mauro continues to pursue, animated by the desire of creating absolutely unique items that fit perfectly into the spaces where they are placed, and especially meet the needs of customers. Since 2014 it has been in partnership with the Brianza Design, a project linked to land values ​​and the preservation of craft in Como and Milan Brianza, promoted by Maurizio Riva and supported by ADI, the Milan Triennale, DDN and FederMobili. In 2015 he exhibited at the Salone deal Mobile (Milan Furniture Fair) with Skyline, a project that was born and took shape thanks to the Brianza Design.

Designed by architect and designer Gaia Capelletti ACG STUDIO, Skyline is modular, linear and versatile, deliberately designed changing to fit any environment and context. Each composition is unique and characterized by size, type and color contrast of the individual elements which, taken together, constitute a flexible geometric evolving system. Currently, Barraja works and produces as a designer, and relies on the collaboration of Michele Peregalli, a young wood craftsman from Varese, the son of a family of artisanal carpenters, who brings a new enthusiasm and new ideas to his business.