YOGAESSENTIAL, Understated versatility


Essential design, comfort, rigorously “Made in Italy” quality materials, natural fabrics, and a versatile and timeless style, for women of any age. This is the interesting concept that lies behind YOGAESSENTIAL, clothing line inspired by the lifestyle and values of Yoga, born from the creative mind of Elena Vitale, Milanese entrepreneur and yoga teacher.

The clothing YOGAESSENTIAL is addressed to the female universe and wellness, to a dynamic woman and engaged on several fronts, family, work, sport and leisure time, who wants to live the well-being and practicality even through clothing, yet, without sacrificing elegance. This is multitasking clothing, that accompany the movements of the body in harmony and is easily transformed according to the different requirements of style, characterized by a simple and linear design, made of soft natural fabrics - cotton, bamboo, jersey, viscose, cashmere – which are worked with all the craftsmanship quality that has always characterized the Belpaese.

Mat models that don’t follow the dictates of fashion but become valuable allies in the wardrobe of modern women, who often have little time to decide what to wear and want to feel comfortable in every occasion. Also practical to put in your suitcase or backpack, thanks to the efficient packaging which consists of a comfortable clutch bag made of the same fabric. 

The choice of Italian suppliers and the direct control of the production chain are the principles upon which the philosophy of the young Milanese brand is based, whose collection starts from the selection of fine Italian fabrics made by cutting-edge companies in the production of Jersey by many expressive properties. knitted fabrics designed with modern technology, on which is carried out constant research and development activities which leads to the realization of a high-end product, in accordance with high quality standards. Each garment is sewn with care and checked to the smallest detail, allowing YOGAESSENTIAL to propose a packaged product in a workmanlike manner.

Starting from 2015, YOGAESSENTIAL’s proposal has been enhanced with the creation of a multifunctional space, “Spazio Garibaldi 77, which consists in 300 square meters of activities dedicated to shopping, fashion, yoga practice and pilates with certified and qualified teachers, situated in the heart of Milano, in the elegant and artistic district Brera. Spazio Garibaldi 77 is open 7 days out of 7 and also hosts, among other things, workshops and insights on holistic disciplines.