Vegan Shoes, Quality with Smaller Environmental Impact


What's the fad that has been spreading like wildfire lately? Being vegan of course! But what does this word mean exactly? Veganism is a philosophical movement based on a lifestyle, which rejects animal exploitation, both possible and practical, as it its core concept. It aims to avoid all forms of such including uses for food, clothing entertainment, or for any other purpose. It does not only apply to food, it also applies to shoes! Did you know that even shoes can be vegan? Find out more with us! Italian Traditions presents you the Italian company that makes cruelty-free shoes: CamminaLeggero.

CamminaLeggero is a firm from Pavia, with the desire to tell a story based on personal desire to spread a culture of consumption different from the traditional one. It produces vegan shoes that act as a means of thought and a method of sensitive communication about ecology and the environment around us. The vegan choice is the result of a profound disagreement with everything that involves animal exploitation. Boycotting an industry that takes advantage of farm animals for its production, being able to offer shoes that don’t derive from animals , and making objects made by local artisan craftsmen and designers, for the company it is a policy of choice of protection of the environment in which we live in, a responsibility towards our territory and its resources. The result are shoes and accessories designed according to aesthetic minimalism, linear and without much sophistication.

CamminaLeggero does not use fur, leather, wool, silk or any other material that may cause unnecessary suffering to animals and they are produced in Northern Italy. It supports local artisans of the footwear industry and works by favoring an economy with a short chain, to avoid unnecessary dispersion and energy waste. These are the goals that the company constantly aims to accomplish. Let’s get a look at the particular characteristics of these special shoes that are Made in Italy.Despite being made out of synthetic materials that derive from petroleum, the microfiber used for the production of this footwear has a very low environmental impact compared to the weight of factory farming and tanning processes used for the shoes in the traditional market.

The uppers are made of the state of the art microfiber, a resistant material that is particularly light, breathable, anti-allergenic, while the light, soft and elastic soles are made out of a compound based on natural rubber; the insoles are removable and covered by a layer of antibacterial microfiber. The fabric used by the company is Trade Fair certified, which stands for fair and inclusive economy, from Alampoondi, a small village in Tamil Nadu. You can find CamminaLeggero shoes in numerous authorized dealers not only around the Belpaese, but also abroad - in Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, USA and Australia. 

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