The rich goldsmith and tanning tradition of the Belpaese


Located in the heart of the Mediterranean and the European continent, Italy has always been at the center of the major trade routes of antiquity, which is why our diverse culture has always been open to various influences, adopting and evolving every field in a single direction and recognizable essence of Made in Italy style. Among the many areas where the Belpaese is synonymous of style icon, the production of elegant and precious accessories has been since ancient times among the most appreciated internationally.

A world leader in fashion and style, the Italian peninsula has a goldsmith and silversmith tradition from the distant roots, and boasting famous names altready at the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Especially because of the thriving atmosphere of the artisanal workshops, which since then favored the proliferation of skills and abilities that easily went beyond the scope of simple manual work to flow into real art. In the Renaissance also became more closely the link between visual arts and jewelery, and many great painters and sculptors of the time were also skilled goldsmiths, such as Donatello or Benvenuto Cellini.

Even the Italian tanning industry has a long tradition, and the Belpaese is still considered the world leader in the field. In our country are in fact born bags, belts, shoes, clothing, hats, watches, precious creations all Italian exported today in over 120 countries worldwide. Even today, despite the fierce global competition, the Italian tanning industry holds an undisputed international leadership with its 20% of world production.

A sort of genetic predisposition underlies the success of the precious world of accessories Made in Italy, considered wherever the top in terms of creativity and design. A noble pride for our country, that can be interpreted as a natural evolution of a cultural, artistic and industrial that has its roots in a past of only wealth.

The result is there for all to see: even today the most technological product, whether Italian, has a creative soul. The same applies to all refined products supplies in Italy, elitist productions with an elegant style, consistent and original, passion fruit of knowledge and stratified skills in everyday work through the centuries and generations. This week Italian Traditions will guide you through the world of elite and elegant Italian jewelry and accessories, for three days in the name of unexcelled Italian creativity.

Elegance and refinement meets the perfection of unique geometries; details and inspirations become lovely stylish touches that can make every single outfit. No matters if it is etiquette or eccentric, classic or alternative, the Made in Italy style has no rivals. Desire and luxury in our IT5 of this week.